Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years ResolutionNew Years Resolutions for Parents of Children with Autisms for Parents of Children with Autism

Not that we need more pressure in our lives, but today IS New Year's Eve Day... And with that in mind, I have a few thoughts to share. None are particularly earth-shattering - but all, I hope, will us help our son to be all he can be. From our point of view, that means a whole lot.

Here, in no particular order, are my own "autism resolutions" for 2008!

  • Focus on my son's strengths. Use my lioness-like mommy skills to ensure that he gets the opportunities he deserves to build on those strengths.
  • Assume that my son is bright and capable, and avoid using autism as an excuse for not pushing him to succeed as he is able.
  • Choose just a few key areas in which my son is weakest, and provide plenty of tools and resources for improving in those areas.
  • Notice the amazing moments of achievement that occur so often in the lives of children. Pay attention when my son, for the very first time, asks "what do you want to do?"
  • Encourage my son's creative impulses. Allow him to tell his stories, write whatever he wants, and worry a little less about correct grammar and draftsmanship.
  • Put my son in the spotlight whenever possible. Remember that my children's achievements are... my children's achievements. Not mine.
  • Continue to seek out adults, teens and children who can delight in my son's personality, charm, ideas and abilities. Give my son the opportunity to be with those people as much as possible.
  • Choose just a few significant ways in which I can be of assistance or support to the larger autism community. Act on them.
  • Worry less about anyone else's opinions - about our life choices, our children's quirks, my clothes, hair or weight... or anything else, for that matter!
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