Monday, December 22, 2008

What does Christmas mean to you?

Too often during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season we forget the purpose of the holiday. We ask: "What does Christmas mean to you?" Here's what kids have had to say.

"Christmas means to me that you should remember the birth of Jesus. It is also to give, share and to care for those who don't have a home or an apartment to celebrate Christmas."....Jennifer (9) California

"Christmas means sharing and to have fun with your family. The most important is spending time with family."....Angela (8) IL

"Christmas means giving and receiving to my family. We give to others like the less fortunate and my relatives. I love Christmas because when I wake up there are a lot of presents under the tree, and I get to open them. This is what Christmas means to me."....Rachael (13) NJ

"What does Christmas mean to me? A lot by thanking God, his son coming to earth, to take all our sins away and give a lot of glory."....Layla (14) UK

"Christmas to me means being able to have family over and celebrate the Christ birth."....Malina (9) Virgina

"Christmas means to me a time when you get together with your family and it's a time when you forget the bad things that have happened to you and think about the good things that have happened to you. Christmas is not a time of presents, that is what kids think, it's just a time for a family to get together."....Arts (9) New Jersey

"Christmas is being with your family, peace and love and that the world needs love and peace no more war. That we all need to come together no matter who you are we all need love and no more hunger. We need to feed the children of the world, we need to give love and peace to the world...that's what Christmas means to me."....Sandy (14) Texas

"I think Christmas is about giving, sharing, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ our savior every time I wake up we always pray to Jesus and asking for forgiveness.......ohhh my bad I forgot something else and thanking him that we are here."....Steve (11) New York

"Christmas means celebrating the birth Jesus ,who died for all our sins. a lot of people forget the true meaning of Christmas because of the hustle & bustle of times now, how they have changed since I was little. I love Jesus and thank GOD his son and what he did for us. The gift of Christmas is a child."....Patsy Delaware

"Christmas is not all about the gifts and family. Yes family is what makes up a portion of Christmas, but the true meaning of Christmas was stated in the most holy of books, the Bible. It said that the true meaning of this time of year is the birth of our holy savior's birth. The birth of our holy lord, Jesus Christ!!!".....Kaylin (12) Colorado

"Christmas to me means a time when people put away their differences and come together to celebrate the birth of Christ. It also means spending time with my family and friends. Christmas is my favorite season not only because of the presents I recieve but the presents that I give. It is a lot of fun shopping for gifts and even making them. It is also a time to stop our crazy lives and focus on prayer and love."....Aadriana (14) New York

"What Christmas means to me is spending time with my family and friends and all together celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ are lord and saver."....Erika (14) KY

"Christmas is simply giving love to your friends, family and even to the people who used to hate you or you used to hate."....Aioe (15) Africa

"I think Christmas means family getting together to celebrate the day baby Jesus was born. I think Christmas is a very important date to remember.".....Kirsten (13) IL

"Christmas means having a nice dinner and loving everyone at the table! It isn't about the presents! It is about the love and the happiness.".....Madi (12) Texas

"Christmas means to me when you celebrate young Jesus birthday, have fun, spend time with your family, and eat."....Leia (12) Australia

"Christmas is more than getting presents it's spending time with your family and being out of school yea!!!"....Baby (14) Texas

"Christmas means remembering the birth of Jesus Christ, the one who has died for us. Christmas it's the day you forget all your worries & your sadness. It's remembering that Jesus cares about you. It's the time when you give without accepting anything in return. Christmas time is the time of love, joy & forgiveness."....Christina (15) Amman/Jordan

"Christmas means thinking about Jesus and all the characters involved in the story and also spending time with my family.".....Lucy (9) England

"Christmas means to me is a time for family and friends and spending time with people. Christmas is for giving and spending time with other people and not for presents.".....Ashley (15) Massachusetts

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