Thursday, December 18, 2008

What does Christmas mean to you?

Too often during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season we forget the purpose of the holiday. We ask: "What does Christmas mean to you?" Here's what kids have had to say.

"To me Christmas means a time that everybody comes together in your family. And you get presents. And you put lights up."......Rane (10) Indiana

"To me, Christmas means to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ .To spend time with your family and friends.Also enjoying the presents you recieve from others.".....Malik (10) Indiana

"To me Christmas means to be with your family and be happy and play. It is a time to celebrate Jesus's Birthday. GOD BLESS US ALL.".....Cameron (9) Indiana

"I think it means a time when families come together and open presents.".....Jamal (12) Indiana

"Christmas means to care about your family and celebrate Jesus's birthday and have a holiday spirit. Also you could have a lot of gifts from your family."......Eric (11) Indiana

"My favorite thing about Christmas is the food and my family. My other favorite thing is toys and a lot more.".....Jarica (10) Indiana

"Christmas means getting and giving gifts. I like it because I get presents. I like to spend time with my family. The choice is yours!".....Victoria (8) USA

"Christmas means to have fun and to laugh out loud. And to spend time with your family. To have a good time."....Paige (12) USA

"What Christmas means to me is that you spend time with your family. What Christmas means to me is it about getting gifts. And playing pool, and watching basketball.".....Destin (18) Indiana

" It is about giving. Did you know that when you celebrate Christmas you celebrate Jesus's birthday? Jesus is the most important thing in my entire life.".....Madison (9) Indiana

"Loving and caring and get a break from school and having snowball fights and building snowmen. The most important thing is loving and caring."....Daniel (9) Indiana

"It is fun to put up the Christmas (tree)".....Roidriggeuss (8) Indiana

"It is a time to celebrate with your friends and family."....Chelsie (15) New Zealand

"Christmas means to me celebrating the birth of Christ. Some people think that it is about gifts and spending time with family but most of all it is celebrating Christ's birthday."....Ragine (10) USA

"Christmas to me means time off of school, snow ball fights, a joyful two days with family. Staying up trying to see Santa. Worshiping Jesus' birthday. Playing tag with my cousins. To sum it up the best time of year.".....Molly (11) South Dakota

Christmas to me means God's son Jesus Christ. He came into this world to each us the "real" meaning of CHristmas. It also means doing nice things for someone who is less fortunate. It means peace on earth and goodwill to all men all the time!".....Janis, Idaho

"Christmas to me means being able to be with family and put all your differences aside and really spend time to just share the spirit of Christmas."....Danielle (14) Wisconsin

"I think Christmas means to start the new year and forgetting about the bad things, also telling your children about Jesus.".....Sadaf (11) Indiana

"Christmas means that we celebrate the birth of Jesus because every Christmas he is born. I like to wrap present. I love to spend time with my family."...... Marissa (7) Texas

"Santa brings presents. I like to wrap presents. I love to spend time with my family."....Alan (6) Texas

"Christmas means presents. I like to eat Gingerbread cookies.".....Ryan (7) Texas

"I think that Christmas is a time when everyone in your family should celebrate the joy of the birth of Jesus, also giving and recieving goodies."....Hayzi (11) England

"Christmas is Jesus's birthday. A day where it is better to give than recieve. A day where Jesus's present will be if you just gave and was happy about it. That's the way I roll.".....Darian (14) Indiana

"Christmas means that I get to spend time with family and get lots of presents."....Rathole (13) Indiana

"What Christmas means to me is peace on the Earth, equality for all fellow men, giving to those who are in dire need of help, and spending time with family and friends.".....Roderick (13) Indiana

"Christmas to means, that it's a time where people celebrate a special day with their families. It's also a time where you exchange gifts with other love ones!"....ShadowMan (13) Indiana

"Christmas means a lot to me. It's the time when everyone in my family gets together at one house (two counting my mom and dad's sides). It's the time when everyone can get together, have dinner, give and open presents, and talk about what's been happening in thier lives and/or other things to talk about. It's also the time for family and friends to celebrate the day Jesus Christ was born (even though he was not actually born on the 25th of December). That's what Christmas means to me."....Cara (14) Indiana

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