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What does Christmas mean to you?

Too often during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season we forget the purpose of the holiday. We ask: "What does Christmas mean to you?" Here's what kids have had to say.

"Christmas to me: A celebration of capitalism and a time where we pretend that our good behavior for the day will carry over to the rest of the year. Good food, presents, Hallmark, no school- altogether, a top-notch holiday."...Harlequin (15) Kansas

"What does it mean to me? I used to know, but I'm not sure anymore. Jesus Christ was born on this day so it must mean that this a day for peace and love. After 9-11 All I want for Christmas is for everyone to be happy because even Osama should be happy on Christmas (I hate him!) but if everyone isn't happy I won't be either." .... Teisha (12) Germany

"Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. Not only for the holly and mistletoe but for the true meaning of Christmas. The birth of Christ and that is not all that it means to me it means being with family being with the people you love. I don't think that anybody should be alone on Christmas."....Jessica (16) Colorado

"Christmas means to me when your friends and/or family gather around and celebrate the lords name. It means to thank the lord for everything he's done, to keep us on our feet. It celebrates when he died for us and came back alive, he died for our savior when we were supposed to be punished. I THANK HIM."...Chelsea (12) USA

"I decided to write this passage because some people even people in my family don't know the real meaning of Christmas. To me CHRISTmas is a time to thank the lord for what he has done for the people on this earth and the day that he was born in Bethlehem. Christmas think that it is all about presents and material things. This is a time to forget all worries and the hatred that you have against people. If you have no one to spend Christmas with go meet people because no one should spend Christmas alone!"...Keyana (14) Maryland, USA

"Christmas means remembering when Jesus Christ is born. Also spending time with your family and have a great time with them. All your family come together to spend the time thinking about when Jesus Christ was born. That is what Christmas means to me."....Julie (11) Minnesota

"Christmas is a time to feel a spirit of joy and peace. It is a time to connect and feel especially close and thankful for family. It is a cozy time."....Vickie, Indiana

"Baby Jesus' birth."....Allan, (12) MS

"Christmas means to me that Jesus was born on that day and the Three Wise Men gave presents to Jesus on his birthday and it also means to spend time with your family the most important is Jesus's Birthday and that's what Christmas means to me."....Jodie, (14) Texas

"Christmas to me means to share, be thankful that Jesus Our Savior was born! To Me it also means a day to forgive and to love and the most important part is giving not receiving!!!!!!!!!"....Olivia, (9), Connecticut

"For me Christmas means getting to see my family together all happy."....Skatergirl (16) USA

It's a time to meet all your relatives that you haven't seen for a while, to share laughs and stories that happened over the years. It can also be a time to show off your decorations and also about the birth of Jesus!"..... Jason (15) Wisconsin

"Christmas means you have to give things to poor people."....Brenda (13) Arizona

"Christmas means giving, sharing, spending time with family, and loving."....Zach (12) Illinois

"Christmas means to me, a time of giving to other people and spending time with your family!"....Kira (13) Ohio

"Christmas, to me, means a great deal to me. To me,Christmas is the most special time of the year. Why?? Well, I'll tell you why, because it's the day Jesus was born. The day the heavens opened up for man-kind and other generations. That's what Christmas means to me!!"....Amber (13) TN

"To me,Christmas is a holiday for my family to thank Jesus and God for bringing me into Earth. Christmas means to love your family and friends. Forget all your bad times and nightmares! Have a good day on Christmas. Be a good girl or boy. The choice is yours!"....Jasmine (9) TN

"Christmas means celebrating baby Christ's birthday with family and friends.....enjoying vacation with family...giving and exchanging gifts with friends and family and just hanging out and having fun!?!....Cassandra (13)

"Christmas should be a day for family, but any more it has became a day about how much money can be spent and how quick you can open one present to get to the next. I believe the meaning of Christmas has been lost through out the years instead of being about love and sharing and family. Its all about how many hours you can spend in a store and how much money can you spend. It is so sad that we have got away from the true meaning of Christmas. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to give one gift and have a wonderful dinner and enjoy just being with your family instead of over spending and going in debt. well that is is my out look on what Christmas has became and most of you probably understand agree!"....Heather WV

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