Saturday, December 20, 2008

What does Christmas mean to you?

Too often during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season we forget the purpose of the holiday. We ask: "What does Christmas mean to you?" Here's what kids have had to say.

"Christmas to me and my family is a day of giving and being together as a family. Christmas is a time of joy and laughter. A time to celebrate the birth of the lord. That is what Christmas means to me.".....Cynthia (13) Indiana

"I think that Christmas is a time to be together with your whole family, a time for forgiveness and love."....Karina (14) Indiana

"Chirstmas to means celebrating the life of Jesus and eating food and getting gifts."....Donovan (14) Indiana

"Christmas to me means a time to be with your family, laughing and eating good food. It also is a time to exchange gifts and it is a time for the best sales.".....Alexis (14) Indiana

"Christmas means to me the birth of Jesus Christ and everything he done for us. However, it is a time for being thankful about giving presents because Jesus was a gift to us, so we give gifts. It's a time to spend with your family and drink hot chocolate by the fireplace, that's what Christmas means to me."....Avi (14) Indiana

"To me , Christmas is a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus. By giving to my family love and joy is a way my family celebrates this holiday. We also celebrate with a Christmas dinner and an exchanging of gifts."....Lace R (13) Indiana

"To me Christmas means a lot of things for me, For example family,friends,and love. On Christmas I get to be with all you family and eat together and open presents. We make tamales and celebrate the bith of Jesus at midnight."....Karen (14) Indiana

"It means food and opening presents."....Jamal (14) Indiana

"Jesus is the reason for the season!!!".....Lanette (11) Indiana

"Christmas means to me that you have a load of fun with your family and then you open all your presents and see what all you got on Christmas day. So the whole point on Christmas to me is having fun and opening gifts but not only that but it is when Jesus was born and when all the angels sang to the sheperds and also when the wise men came to see him."....Nate (14) Indiana

"Christmas is a time for joy and families to come from afar to see there relatives. Also neither friend or foe should fight during this time."....Joseph (13) Indiana

"Christmas to me is when family gets together in love and not hate. What Christmas doesn't mean to me is when your sister goes as far as to steal all your stuff and pawn it like a crazy person that's what Christmas means to me."....Donovan (14) USA

"Christmas contrary to popular belief is not about gifts or presents. Christmas is, was, and always should be about Christ. The Christmas story was one of an infant born in a stable of a humble birth. The infant was given the name Jesus. He was all God and all man at the same time the savior of the world. When Christmas time comes around I break down the word and think of Christ. That is what Christmas means to me."....Kaylin (14) USA

"Christmas means having fun, being with family recieving and getting gifts.".....Kenny (16) VA

"Christmas is for the Lord Jesus Christ because it's his birthday. Some people think its about the presents, it's really not in Christmas the word CHRIST. That's just my opinion."......Kamron (13) Oklahoma

"It used to mean traditions to me! Baking tons of different kinds of Christmas cookies, decorating the inside and outside of the house while Christmas music played in the back ground. Sitting with family around the Christmas tree and enjoying conversations. Celebrating the birth of Christ.".....Dave, Indiana

"What Christmas means to me is celabrating the birth of Jesus Christ and spending time with with the people you love it's not just about recieving gifts although children may think it is but it's a time to celabrate JESUS birth.:)".....Kayla (14) California

"Christmas mean to me about celebrating Jesus Christ, his birth and gathering with families.".....Audrey (14) Australia

"Christmas means family all together.".....Ashley (10) Florida

"It means a time of peace and joy, a time where our family doesn't fight, but most of all a time where we celebrate Jesus our Lord and savior coming down from heaven to save us.".......Amber (14) Iowa

"Christmas means to me: I think of it as a time of caring. Not only was Jesus born, but a new star was also. I believe that from my church, the mormon church.".......Kinley (9) Canada

"Christmas means to me getting a load of presents and spedning time with my family who I love a lot. So that is what it means to me but I am not religious so I don't go to Church on that day and things like that."......Laura (13) England

"Christmas to me means spending time with family and recognizing the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. We think that Christmas is just about getting presents and it's not. Every year people go crazy about what they are getting for everybody when you should really be preparing for the birth of Jesus. You don't need to go out and get a whole bunch of gifts for a day that comes around once a year. All you need to do is get a little for the people that don't have a lot and maybe you will receive a little in return."....Brittaney (12) New Jersey

"To me Christmas means to remember what Jesus has givin us. Also Christmas means to have fun."....Shagun (10) Canada

"Christmas means to thank God for what it has given you and be gratful that you're alive. And to celebrate the death of Jesus. I love God and the people that loves God. So God bless you all and have a Merry Christmas. I love you all. I love God too. Mua to God and help everyone!".....Daniela V. (10) Las Vegas, Nevada

"Christmas really means tome that I get what I wish for and that Jesus Christ is coming and that we get ready for him and when Christmas comes I kinda forget what Christmas really means. I think mostly about my presents and what I show my peeps."......Sha'Ron (14) LA

"Christmas most importantly means to me is that Jesus Christ was born on this day the meisiah without him dieing on the cross none of our sins would be forgivin. This helps to bring all of my friends and family around to celebrate life and each other. We GIVE gifts so we can show the love that is in our hearts for one another. That is what Christmas means to me and my family.".....Katelyn (13) PA

"Christmas can mean a lot of things to me. It's when you just have fun and spend time with family and friends and it is not all about the gifts to me. It's about having peace on the birth of Christ.".....Jamia (9) Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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